Supreme Archery Trophy Room

Over the years we've had many customers send us pictures of their successful hunts that we decided to make a special spot for them! We really appreciate all the pictures and memories our customers have shared with us. So we'd love it if you shared a recent, or even multiple hunting pictures with us! 

So send us you're pictures and we'll post them here, we'll even submit you into a draw to win a dozen free arrows if you do! 





First deer i ever shot was this 6 pointer about 150 pounds in NJ. It was very exciting and have harvested 4 more since (does) Looking for something larger this season and will keep you posted. The Steady Form works like a charm on my bow!

I think it is running through my veins and hope to continue for a long time!

 - Johnny C


Awesome bushbuck. Will probably go #2 or #3 SCI with bow. Waiting for score. Limpopo Province, South Africa, August 2013. Shot the steenbuck about an hour before the bushbuck came into waterhole. Mathews Helium and 100Gr Thunderhead. GoldTip Arrows.

 - Ken Hudson


My second animal with a bow. I shoot a G5 Quest Torch at about 40 lbs. Broadside shot at 25 yards. Pass-thru. A nice old kudu bull. 53"

 - Lora Collins


 My first bow kill! Been practicing for a year for this opportunity. Perfect double lung shot. Limpopo Province, South Africa, August 2013

 - Lora Collins



Got this one last night. Going to jerky all of

You guys sell the moon guide on you site. I have used it for 14 years. It never fails me. I plan holidays around it. There are several bigger. Hopefully during pre rut, I’ll pop another - Bob C


This is my best bull to date taken in Wy at 27 yds with an Elite Z28, Easton Axis shafts and Ulmer Edge broadheads. We had a herd of about 75 elk with maybe 12 bulls out in a meadow area and we just kept inside the timberline watching them. They started heading to the timber below us so we had to cut them off.I lucked out and knelt at the edge of a small 30 yd opening and that is right where they all started filing by me at less than 12 yds at times. I even had a 335 class and 350 class bull start fighting out in front of me at 40 yds but there were no shots as there were just to many other elk in the way! I heard some very large timber being snapped below me and a short time later this guy whom I'd glassed that morning and wished I'd get a crack at came marching up through the timber looking to kick some butt! I drew as he when behind the last pine "one of them in this photo" as he entered the small meadow. Called to him, first time didn't work so I really gave it to him and he stopped and swung that big rack my way and by then the Ulmer was on its way taking out both lungs and exiting the offside about a foot. He swirled to head down the mountain but only made it about 50 yds and he was down! - Chad M


North Carolina 8 point. Alleghany Co., Sept. 28th. Mathews Bow & Rage Broadhead. - J. R. Gantt

My first elk hunt.Took him on the last day of a 5 day hunt in CO. I was sitting over a water hole and in the last 15 minutes of the last day he came in!!I was using a crossbow due to severed rotater cuff and the shot was a double lung at about 37 yds. He went about 200 yds to my amazement but my son did the tracking in complete darkness with a headlamp.He scored 338 1/8 SCI and I'm told he'll make the top ten. What a way to score on my first elk hunt!! - Carl H.


It wasn't a trophy but it was to me at 54 that is my biggest bow kill and he is in velvet I harvested this deer on the first day in KY - Keith L

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